Jun 30, 2005


Texas Bloggers and yours truly are featured in the July issue of Governing Magazine.

Governing Magazine is a national publication read by politicos, politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and people who follow government.

The cover story contains a who's who of the "Texas Blogger Establishment." There, of course is no such thing! It just has a certain ring to it and I like picking on some of you!

Actually this group of bad-news bears misfits is the most anti-establishment bunch you would find in Texas. But in this magazine (refereed to as the "blog corps") they go off looking good, and stuff like that!

As a lobbyist said in the story, the allure of bloggers is that, "....bloggers have the luxury of being able to call bull-bull."

Eileen Smith ("the Wonkette of Austin") of In The Pink-Texas struck a comfortable pose on the front cover of the magazine. Charles Kuffner with Off the Kuff got some ink as well.

Even our conservative blogging brethren were mentioned. David Benzion and Dan Patrick over at Lone Star Times were noted.

Of course the godfather of blogging, though most would not consider him a blogger, Harvery Kronberg, of the Quorum Report was mentioned. Don't worry Harvey, there is room for all of us!

Even my deskmate, Rep. Joe Deshotel was mentioned for starting his own blog (Capitol Weekly) this past May.

Traditional journalists, who have moved over into Texas blogger-dom were also noted. Karen Brooks aka "The Babe of Blogsville" (just joking!) was mentioned she of course does the Dallas Morning News' blog- Chamber Music. Gardner Selby and the Austin American Statesman's Postcards from the Ledge also were mentioned.

The article took note of the "weird relationship" mainstream reporters and bloggers have, "one that is symbiotic and competitive at the same time." But Austin's bloggers were nevertheless, "forcing the dailies, which are fighting to gain younger readers anyway, to adapt."

Unfortunately, there were so many that went unmentioned that should have been mentioned. Like the article stated:

"This year, seemingly from out of nowhere, there is a sort of "fifth estate" in Austin, popped up on the Internet like bluebonnets in springtime. The Texas blogging corps includes political junkies, college students, the producers of a talk-radio show, mainstream journalists, a lobbyist, and a couple of state reps who blog directly from the House floor."

"Like bluebonnets in springtime?" I am sure the powers that be don't agree. But to my brethren of the "fifth estate" I can only say: blog on!

Read all about it right here.


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