Apr 7, 2006

Blogging Basics

The National Council of State Legislatures has asked me once again to brief my fellow legislators on the art of blogging. So over the next few days I find myself in Washington DC, a presenter at the NCSL Spring Forum.

For the regular visitors to this website the information to follow will be a bit redundant but for those visiting this page for the first time here are some tips and links that have proven helpful to me.

For starters, here is a link to the most basic question. What is a blog?

Wikipedia follows with some very good information on the basic elements of blogging and they also provide an in depth history along other helpful information.

Tackling Technology has a good analysis on the emerging importance of blogging in politics and issue advocacy. A good primer for the political blogger.

That is a good start for basics but those who would like a deeper analysis of the politics of blogging I recommend visiting The Power and Politics of Blogs.

I have also included a link to a Governing article that highlighted Texas' political blog scene during the 2005 Legislative Session -- Governing Magazine's Blogger Power.

Another added convenience of hosting a blog is the ability to post audioblogs or podcasts. Once again we must credit Wikipedia for the information. Blogger offers an easy, and free, audioblog option.


TJP said...
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TJP said...

I congratulate you on the honor of being selected to present a discussion on this valuable medium that is blogging.I quote Capt.Kirk on Star Trek VI when he said that we are embarking on the Undiscovered Country that is the new world.For Politics Blogging is that Undiscovered Country.

steve u. said...

Rep. Pena,

You do representative democracy, the blogosphere, and Texas proud. I enjoy keeping up with your activities (and the legislative activities of my former state) through your blog. Keep up the good work.