Sep 24, 2006

NYT: Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines

The New York Times covers the story of the growing concern directed towards electronic voting machines. You may recall that my office filed a bill (HB 166) last session that would have required a paper trail on all electronic votes cast. We had the HAVA money available back then and so the concerns contemplated by many, could have been addressed. Compromise and negotiation between members of the Democratic and Republican grass-roots communities made success all the more likely. Unfortunately, an invisible hand put an end to any dreams of success as the legislation was quietly killed in committee.

In October 2005, the Government Accountability Office released a comprehensive analysis of the concerns raised by the increasing use of electronic voting machines.

The troubles many foresaw with electronic voting machines without a paper trail element became increasingly apparent to more and more people. The ease for any potential mischief also became more apparent. The internet community of bloggers and our traditional press has done a good job of giving voice to those growing concerns. For God's sake, even Lou Dobbs is expressing serious concerns. Will the mounting evidence be enough to quell the hand that stopped this state from taking a leadership position on this issue?

Far greater is the concern I expressed back then, that once the HAVA money was spent, more than 3 billion so far, where would we find the resources to correct the problem. Regardless, I intend to once again file legislation requiring a paper trail on every electronic ballot cast. I would hope you would join me in supporting this effort.

Unconvinced? Read more on a second article from the New York Times on the Princeton study (or see video above) and other disturbing news on our voting machines.

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