Oct 8, 2006

Alligators In The Rio Grande

The immigration debate has spawned a number of off-the-wall solutions to keep Mexicans from illegally crossing the Rio Grande - the river that divides Mexico from the United States. One rather cruel solution suggested recently is to fill the Rio Grande River with alligators or crocodiles.

Not only was the idea off the wall, I thought, but the Rio Grande is so polluted that surely gators could not survive.

Well the Associated Press moments ago proved me wrong when they reported that Mexican fishermen captured a 7.5-foot-long crocodile in the Rio Grande. The crocodile weighed about 130 pounds and is reported to be in good condition at a local animal shelter.

The crocodile was caught on the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas. Now that is a good 215 miles from the mouth of the Rio Grande.

How it got there is a good question. Despite the recent suggestions of some, authorities believe it may have been brought to the area as a pet and then released into the river by its owner. The animal is generally not found in the Rio Grande.

I attended a recent comedy show by television actor George Lopez in Harlingen. He apparently heard the calls by some to stock the Rio Grande with alligators to deter people from crossing on inner tubes. His response was to humorously highlight the resiliency and creativity of the Mexican people. "Bring it! Bring it," he mockingly challenged those calling for such a solution. "Before you know it, we will be selling alligator belts and shoes on the streets of our border towns."

My district touches the banks of the Rio Grande. Will the resilient creature that has survived countless eons from the time of the dinosaurs find a foothold here because of the hand of man? Good question, but the discovery of the crocodile this weekend does raise far more interesting questions confronting a potentially far more dangerous inhabitant of these lands.


Shaine Mata said...

My in-laws live just a mile from the river. Not a cool idea. I don't want to go thump gators on the head to let go of my kids.

Besides, gators have to eat something, even if it's the endangered Ocelot.

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

My guess is that alligators and humans along el Rio can co-exist more peacefully than Democrats and Republicans in the Capitol.

We're sending reinforcements to you in January, Rep. Give them good guidance.

Anonymous said...

the other day a friend of us. saw a group of people crossing el rio and a gator jumped them lucky for them there was the border patrol helicopter to maked go away

Anonymous said...

the other day a friend of us. saw a group of people crossing el rio and a gator jumped them lucky for them there was the border patrol helicopter to maked go away

Republican_bob said...

I'll pay for 100 gators tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Who's to say the gators aren't native? Vast stretches of the Rio Grande are very rural with few people to spot gators. Besides, this isn't the only place gators have been found on the Rio Grande. At least six were observed by a game warden in June just a little southeast of El Paso. A man in Mexico had been claiming to have seen them for years but everyone thought he was crazy untill now.

Anonymous said...

How about save the US Fund from Mexicans? Let's take donations of $50.00 each to relocate alligators to the Rio Grande. Alligators will adapt and survive as they have done for thousands of years. As for Ocelots, as long as they have Mexicans with Taco Sauce they will have their bellies full. Obviously the government can't take care of this problem. Let's get together, Republican Bob.


Anonymous said...

i can asure you there are and have beel gators in beetween brownsville and the mouth of the river

Peekay said...

OKAY, I rather have them in the river than pirhannas or snakes. These are not Nile Crocodiles. So lay off of them. But they do not eat humans. They injure. So they are native and we can lay off of them. Or maybe we can use them as alarms on our waterfront property. Don't feed them in return.

Anonymous said...

We could throw the gangstalkers and other bullies in the river for the gators to eat.