Nov 8, 2006

Juan Garcia Claims Victory in Corpus Christi

Juan Garcia, candidate for House District 32 in Corpus Christi, is claiming victory in his contest with incumbent Representative Gene Seaman.

Seaman had a small 24 vote lead over Garcia, but the last remaining ballots are in a precinct that generally votes Democrat. The race is not technically over, but many informed observers agree with Garcia that the remaining votes are likely to have a Democratic advantage. I personally met Juan Garcia and his lovely wife some time ago. I do believe Juan will be a tremendous asset to the Coastal Bend area and the State of Texas.

Garcia's win will be the fifth seat gained by Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives. Other seats won by Democrats include Ellen Cohen, in District 134; Paula Pierson, in District 93; Allen Vaught, in District 107; and Valinda Bolton, who won the open District 47 seat previously held by Rep. Terry Keel, in Austin.

The story in the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

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Mario Perez said...

Amazing that it was so close. Goes to show how gerrymandered these districts are in favor of the GOP.