Nov 10, 2006

Pre-Veterans Day Events In Elsa and Hargill

Tomorrow is the big Veterans' Day event at Delta Lake. I am at this moment taking time away from preparing tomorrow's speech, to tell you about some patriotic pre-veterans' day events that took place in our community schools.

I started early in the morning at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Elsa where the children recognized the local veterans from the Edcouch-Elsa community.

Before the presentation I had a conversation with one of the World War II veterans. He was one of the first to land on Nagasaki after we dropped the bomb. These many years later, in the autumn of his life, he shares with me that he is haunted by the corpses of the men, women and children he observed when he landed. We ask much of the young people we send to war. Today's event is a small but important consolation.

The veterans were asked to line up and each of the hundreds of children shook their hands in appreciation of their service. It was a good sight.

We thereafter drove to Hargill Elementary for what has become a very big event each year. The children sang and danced for a sizable group of local veterans. Each of the veterans introduced themselves and talked briefly about where they served. It was especially touching to hear a senior veteran choke-up when he talked about his friends that did not get a chance to see the day's program.

I look forward to the sizable event tomorrow at Delta Lake. A fly over is planned after the speeches of the day. Until then ....

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