Mar 8, 2007

Joint Select Committee Issues "No Confidence" Vote To TYC Board - Asks For Resignation

What deeply troubling testimony we heard today in the Joint Select Committee on the TYC. The board members of this agency quite frankly should resign. Trouble was happening all around them, yet little to nothing was done by these members to protect the children in their charge. Additionally troubling was Ward County District Attorney Randy Reynolds. The gross indifference he exhibited towards the sexual abuse allegations and the prosecution of the claims demands that his voters take action for his conduct in office.

The only testimony worth positive recognition was that of Texas Ranger Sgt. Brian Burzynski. He gave emotional testimony that he pressed without success for more than a year for a grand jury investigation that never materialized because he'd promised TYC students who'd been abused and were frightened that justice would be done.

It was quite clear that the committee as a whole was growing more and more outraged by the testimony they heard today. The question was presented to the individual board members - why they don't simply resign? None thought they ought to resign. We ended our hearing by giving the TYC board a "no confidence" vote.

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