May 31, 2007

Our Second Goal: A Medical School For South Texas

Long ago in the hills of Central Texas on the banks of the Guadalupe River that passes next to La Hacienda Drug Treatment Center I made a promise to bring a drug treatment center to our small community in South Texas. Our small band of misfits walked 125 miles from Hunt, Texas, where La Hacienda is located, to our state capitol in Austin to bring attention to the lack of treatment services in our community. Our first goal was accomplished on May 18th of this year when the conference committee of both the Senate and House announced that the drug treatment center we long advocated for was coming to my hometown of Edinburg.

With that goal complete, I returned home fully prepared to return to civilian life. When I returned home yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by well wishers from the community and more importantly members of my family who after reading newspaper reports of my potential departure from office, encouraged me to continue my work in the legislature and to build on the successes we saw last session.

Therefore, let me announce to you the faithful readers of this site, that it is my full intention to once again seek election to office so that I can continue serving the people of this community at their capitol.

My first order of business is to announce our second legislative goal for our South Texas community, that being the construction of a medical school. I have instructed my staff to begin drafting legislation for the construction of a medical as well as other professional schools for our community. These may seem like mere dreams not likely to have a chance of success but so was the drug treatment center when we started.

This photo above taken years ago showing my participation in giving one million dollars for the construction of the Regional Academic Health Center to the Texas Board of Regents may have been the early spark for our second project. Below is the Regional Academic Health Center in Edinburg today. Could this be the footprint for our medical school? What matters is that with the full blessing of the ones I love, we embark on a second quest for the advancement of our community. I would ask that you join me in this exciting journey. I hope I have answered your question dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Yes you did, but things happen for a reason.

An Observer said...

As only an observer of your quest I want to congratulate you on the success of the Drug Rehab center that you have given your community. I cannot imagine that there would be those in your community that would not be supportive of your quest to bring a medical school to your region. I have no doubt that the groundwork that you have laid will bring about an opportunity for all that live in the Rio Grande Valley.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all the many children that we see in our clinics that are without funds to treat their addiction we thank you. Best wishes on your re-election. You have many friends who will be there for you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pena,

Congrats on your successful legislative session. Could you give us some more info on the Medical school and professional schools. Where are proposing the Medical school to be? What types of professional schools and where?