May 2, 2008

Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

Like most Americans, I have always had a fascination with our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. As a young child on a trip to visit cousins in far away Virginia, my father took me on a short drive to the District of Columbia to visit the Lincoln Memorial. "It was a place to remember our greatest president," he said. I remember the towering figure of the seated Lincoln and thought to myself that he must have been a giant because his statue and the memorial were enormous. Each time I visit D.C. I routinely visit the memorial to remember that first visit and contemplate Lincoln and his meaning to the moment.

On February 12, 2009 this country will recognize the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. In order to appropriately recognize this significant event Congress established the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission to plan the commemoration of the 200th birthday. This commission is joined by a number of other commissions set up for recognizing Lincolns contributions to their state's history. Lincoln's birth state of Kentucky has one as does his boyhood home of Indiana. Of course Illinois, the state where he lived as a young adult has a commission for the bicentennial.

C-Span started in April, on the first Saturday of each month at 7 pm CT, covering events leading to the bicentennial. For lovers of history or admirers of Lincoln these should be interesting events.

This summer I am looking forward to paying a visit to Springfield, the home where Lincoln started both a legal and political career. Perhaps I might share some of those moments when that day arrives. Until then, I recommend that you take your own Lincoln journey of remembrance by following the series of public events leading up to Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday.

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Anonymous said...

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