Aug 15, 2008

Democratic Convention One Week Away

Just a little fun as we enter the weekend. This seems to be a close presidential race that should be enjoyable to watch. This YouTube video pokes fun at the battle that is before us (with a Democrats point of view). With the political conventions starting next week, I am sure there will be more to come.

On a more serious note, it appears that Senator Hillary Clinton's name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention in Denver. A roll call vote is likely to follow. After weeks of negotiations between their respective aides, the two camps made the announcement Thursday that Clinton's name would be placed in nomination. I presently am not aware of a public agreement on the roll call vote.

As I said recently on a Valley Newsline television segment and to the Monitor newspaper, I am expecting both the Clinton and Obama camps to work out the details of this delicate dance. Catharsis and unity two valuable words for the convention.

UPDATE: Politico has more on an expected roll call vote and the potential troubles and positives that come from it.

FURTHER UPDATE: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is quoted on Sunday saying:

“It's going to be placed in nomination in recognition of the 18 million votes that she got — her historic candidacy. But then she is going to pledge her delegates to Sen. Obama so that it's a unanimous — a unanimous election."

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