Aug 23, 2008

Obama Rally In Springfield

On February 10, 2007 Senator Barack Obama used the lawn of the old State Capital Building in Springfield, Illinois to announce that he would seek the Democratic nomination for President. Today he joins his chosen vice-presidential running mate to begin their trip to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Today's rally was a rousing event as they proceed onward to Colorado.

It is hard to miss the Lincoln symbolism and the historic nature of this campaign. On the South side of the old State Capital Building is Abraham Lincoln's law office. Lincoln served his final term as a state lawmaker in 1840-41. As a lawyer, he pleaded cases here before the state supreme court. It was also here that Lincoln made his House Divided Speech (audio) in June 1858. Lastly it was here that his body was returned from Washington, D.C. prior to final burial in Springfield's Oak Ridge Cemetery in May of 1865.

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