Aug 21, 2008

Updating Addiction Professionals on Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Today I was requested to give an update to Valley addiction professionals, members of law enforcement, social workers and community activists on the status of the substance abuse treatment center scheduled to be built in Edinburg.

In short, it has been a year since the money was appropriated and the County of Hidalgo has yet to come up with the required business plan that state officials need before they hand over the $3 million dollars. This project is in serious jeopardy and is in danger of being lost unless county officials get moving. This project has to go through a number of steps before the August 2009 deadline after which the funds will be lost. Step 1 is still not completed and one year has passed.

With September and October being the months this country uses to highlight the fight against drug abuse it would be appropriate to use these months for significant movement.

The 2008 Community Information Awareness Conference was organized in collaboration with the Rio Grande Valley Council, Inc. and the UTPA Social Work Department.

The Valley Morning Star covered today's event.


Anonymous said...

Foot dragging big time.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the County dropped the ball on this one.. Sorry, but that is a problem when the community leaders have no idea how the system works..

Surprising they believe that because the legislature allocates the monies, the monies are there.. they won't be there until action occurs.. they will take the money back in a 'heartbeat".. this happens all the time.. inept and short minded communities.. lose out..