Dec 23, 2008

There Can Be Only One

As I noted before a quickening has recently occurred in the race for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. This cycle there are numerous candidates to chose from in this highly competitive struggle to be leader of the Texas House. Although nearly all conversations are made in private between members I will reveal that the pace and the spin has increased noticeably in recent days. Nearly every side claims to have the votes and determining the truth or falsity of those claims is a revealing examination into the strength or weaknesses of man. As in life some individuals have no qualms in the use of outright deception while others hold true under the greatest and most difficult of pressures.

In that Republicans hold a slim majority of members in the house, the ultimate two competitors for Speaker are likely to be Republican. Yes Democrats would like a Democratic Speaker but it is improbable under the current circumstances.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day should mark an informal cessation of the race for Speaker as most members will concentrate on their loved ones. Reminiscent of the "Christmas truce" of World War I between the Germans, French and British look for nearly all members of the Texas House to join in the spirit of Christmas and remember the importance of friends, family and faith.

Many of us want to get past the divisiveness that comes with a competitive Speaker's race and move on with addressing the problems and needs of Texas. Until a Speaker is chosen however, like MacLeod in the movie Highlander, the refrain likely to be heard is - "there can be only one!"

Come the weekend and certainly Monday look for the spinning and member discussions to hit a fever pitch. Until then the cell phone is off limits to anything but a ho, ho, ho or a merry Christmas.

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