Dec 21, 2008

Tragedy Strikes Rep. Alonzo's Family

Our condolences to the family of Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo of Dallas. Our thoughts an our prayers are with him after the tragic loss of his brother and nephew. In a statement from the representative's office we learn:

"... what is known at this time is that Rep. Alonzo's older brother, 58- year-old, Mr. Ramon Alonzo and his 4-year-old grandson Elisha T. Alonzo (Rep. Alonzo's nephew) were on a family fishing trip Saturday afternoon, Dec. 20, in Crystal City, in South Texas. The grandson accidentally fell in the water, the grandfather jumped in to try to save him, and both tragically drowned."

Funeral service details have yet to be released however the funeral mass will take place at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located 618 East Zavala Street in Crystal City, Texas, 78839, telephone (830) 374-3148. In addition to Rep. Alonzo, Mr. Ramon Alonzo is survived by a wife and 4 grown children - 3 sons and a daughter.

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