Apr 28, 2009

Recognizing Texas Heroes

Tomorrow morning I have two important pieces of legislation in the House Committee on Defense and Veterans Affairs. I have authored HCR 5 recognizing Pvt. Pedro Cano (World War II) and am a joint sponsor of SCR 22 recognizing Pvt. Marcelino Serna (World War I). Both are highly decorated and extremely courageous patriots who in the opinion of many deserve the highest recognition. Both Serna and Cano received the Distinguished Service Cross medals for service to the United States.

Tonight I had the honor of having dinner with a delegation of South Texas veterans who are here to testify on both pieces of legislation. They presented to me this rare photograph of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients as they gathered collectively in the Valley for the last time. Look closely at the photo and you will see that most are wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor. Texas sure has alot to be proud of.

Our testimony begins at 8 a.m. in room E2.026.

As I told the veterans tonight, I cannot think of anything greater than the honor of continuing the recognition of Texas heroes.

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TetVet68 said...

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