May 14, 2009

The Rio Grande Valley Medical School Bill Passes

Moments ago the Rio Grande Valley Medical School legislation, that the Valley delegation made it's number one priority, passed the Texas House of Representatives. Having already passed the Senate, the bill only lacks Governor Rick Perry's signature for it to become law.

Immediately after passage we gathered with Speaker Straus to take a photo of the historic event. Sadly this camera phone photo was one of the few immediately available. This is a big step forward for South Texas. It is yet another example of what can be accomplished when our delegation works in harmony with the larger community in a common goal. I would like to thank Speaker Joe Straus, Senator and Representative Eddie Lucio, and Chairman Dan Branch for the leadership they exhibited in this highly successful effort.

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Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if the Medical School in South Texas does become available. We have a numerous amount of educated students who could become doctors, but choose not to leave the valley. Bringing this opportunity to all of them could be beneficial to everyone!