Oct 29, 2010

University Students At UTPA Have Record Early Vote Turnout

Reading Is Fun

Had a good time at a Reading Is Fun and Career Day event at San Carlos Elementary in the village outside of Edinburg. I read the "Real Story of the Three Little Pigs". It seems like there are always two sides to the story and "THE" Wolf thinks he was framed. The story tied right in to the "Lawyers Are Nice Guys" theme I gave them for Career Day.

So...we both need new publicists! Do you think?

Oct 28, 2010

Border Security Legislation: Eliminating Road Spikes (Caltrops)

(Photo: US Border Patrol Officers show Rep. Peña a caltrop that was used against them in a pursuit of drug runners.)

Austin – State Rep. Aaron Peña has drafted legislation that will outlaw the use, possession and manufacture of caltrops, more commonly known as road spikes. As Chair of the House Committee on Emergency Preparedness, Peña has been holding hearings across the state of Texas assessing natural and criminal threats to public safety. Drug runners have increased their use of road spikes against law enforcement. Typically these devices are crude and homemade but effective.

“DPS, Texas Rangers, the Border Patrol and now our County Sheriff have all asked the legislature to respond and make these devices illegal,” said Peña. “I have had very constructive and thoughtful discussions with these members of law enforcement. We are going to do our part to help take these weapons away from drug dealers.”

Caltrops are usually made of nails welded together in a tetrahedron form. When deployed a nail will always point upward and expand the damage to the tire. Caltrops have been used for over 2300 years in various forms. They were known as the first landmines.

Oct 26, 2010

Students Prove Them Wrong - Vote!!!

Who says UTPA is a low voting site? After 1 week STC: 154 votes. After 1 day UTPA: 155. Why move the voting site? Sadly, it's obvious it was not the voting performance of the university site. Parking? That was also an excuse used by the administration to move the UTPA student site. What about that? Yesterday, I noted that 50 plus parking spaces were put aside, with guards, for anyone caring to vote. When I got there there where 47 additional parking spaces available. So that argument is also bogus.

What gives? Well insiders are aware that the real reason was to assist the interim county judge's selection for county commissioner in Hidalgo County's precinct one spot. Remember this is the same race that went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, at taxpayers expense, only to be slapped down for ordering an "illegal election".

If one examines where the new voting sites where located it was in comparably lower performing voting sites. The one important criteria was of course that they are located in heavily controlled "machine" areas that might influence the county commissioner's court race in Hidalgo County.

Good news, in spite of the shaky legal grounds this county now finds itself with regard to the university site, is that this administration is soon (very soon) about to lose it's political majority and the university voting site will be fully restored to the UTPA community and the citizens of this county.

The indignities and inefficiencies the average citizen must survive, in this county, in order to participate in the rights guaranteed to the citizens of these United States is offensive. Such as it is, Hidalgo County was once again in district court today defending the petty manipulations continued in the current election.

So students, despite that one week was taken away from your now "temporary" polling site, please do your part to prove them wrong by voting. I am almost 100% assured that the permanent polling location will return once this commissioner's court race is over and the interim administration is gone.

TUESDAY UPDATE: Today 166 votes at UTPA. This is a high vote performing box but is not subject to the "machine manipulations" found in small sites thus the lack of interest by the "high muckety-mucks".

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: 183 Votes and climbing. There is still tons of free parking. The vote totals keep rising.

THURSDAY UPDATE: 248 Votes and continuing upward.

Hidalgo County Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Receives 399 Thousand Dollar Construction Grant

Edinburg - State Rep. Aaron Peña has helped secure a $399,000.00 grant to harden the substance abuse treatment facility being built in Hidalgo County. The FEMA grant will allow the facility to be built to withstand category II hurricane winds. The grant will also provide upgrades for emergency electrical power, special roofing materials and windows.

"Making this lifesaving treatment center a more secure and strong facility is a great benefit to the people of Hidalgo County," said Rep. Peña, who chairs the House Committee on Emergency Preparedness. "This grant will allow the building to withstand severe weather conditions and remain operational during and after these threats."

Once it is completed the 11,000 square foot facility will serve as a substance abuse treatment center and primary care clinic. Rep. Peña secured the $3 million for the project during the 80th Legislature. Site work has already begun and construction is expected to be completed in 2011.

Hidalgo County will fund the operations of the clinic with local, state and federal dollars. Treatment, education and law enforcement are vital components in fighting drugs and its disastrous consequences to our community.

"As as we commemorate another Red Ribbon Week it remains critical to fight for programs dedicated to treating substance abuse and addictions," said Peña. "The violence in Mexico will not stop and our community will remain a threat to that violence unless we stem the demand of drugs into our community."

Former President Bill Clinton Visits The Valley

Via the Rio Grande Guardian, former President Bill Clinton is shown with Joel Quintanilla in a visit to the Rio Grande Valley.

Oct 24, 2010

Red Ribbon Week - October 23-31, 2010

Red Ribbon Week begins a series of visits to local schools to spread the message against drugs and alcohol abuse. This month and in particular this special week means my traveling to school districts in order to address young children on the dangers of drugs and their effects on our community.

Research shows that young people at this age are at the most influential and riskiest time in their lives—drug use at age 12 doubles by age 14 from 3.6% to 7.0% and more than doubles by age 16 to 15.1%.1 Children who learn about the dangers of drug use are half as likely to use drugs,2 which is why the Partnership for a Drug-Free Texas aims to reach these impressionable students at an opportune time to educate and inspire them.

In the next legislative session, which begins in January, we should expect a number of legislative attempts to control drugs, drug violence, and drug cartels along the border. I hope to have a role in that effort.

Being tough on crime should also go hand in hand with being smart on crime, such as providing tools of recovery for our families. We have worked long and hard to bring a drug treatment center to the Rio Grande Valley. Although I am somewhat disappointed in the poor planning by the County of Hidalgo for this important center, I still have hope that we may one day have a fully viable and functional drug treatment center.

During this very special week initiated because of the death of a brave and dedicated law enforcement officer, the highest tribute this community can give in response to the countless who have tirelessly fought against drugs and drug violence is to finish the job on the drug treatment center. I am hoping for May of 2011.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free Texas website is the most up-to-date source for this information and provides comprehensive information for Texas students and parents, along with educational resources from a reliable source. Educators can access classroom materials on the site, including two lesson plans developed specifically for Texas Red Ribbon Week (www.drugfreetexas.org/resources/).

Oct 21, 2010

Official Opening of the Texas Fusion Center

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Texas Fusion Center. Intelligence gathering and counterterrorism operation have become increasingly important for the state of Texas in light of recent events. The Center, will serve as the centerpiece in establishing and maintaining a statewide information sharing network. Through the development, acquisition, analysis and dissemination of criminal intelligence information, the Texas Fusion Center supports criminal investigations across the state on a 24/7 basis.

Texas Fusion Center personnel include non-commissioned analytical experts and a small number of commissioned officers. Also participating in the Texas Fusion Center are personnel from various other law enforcement and public safety agencies, such as Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Air and Army National Guard. ICT analysts also work at other regional fusion and intelligence centers located throughout Texas.

I also met with Steve McCraw, Director of Texas Department of Public Safety, who briefed me on the current status of the Hartley case from Falcon Lake and other circumstances on the border.

Oct 18, 2010

Speaker Straus Accepts Rep. Peña's Invitation To Visit the Border For Roundtable Discussion on Border Security

Austin - Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has accepted an invitation from State Rep. Aaron Peña to come to the Rio Grande Valley to discuss border security issues on January 21, 2011. The discussion will include key business and community leaders. Speaker Straus will also join legislators on a tour of the Valley sponsored by the RGV Partnership.

"Securing our border from the threat of violence is vital to ensuring a safe and prosperous South Texas," said Rep. Peña. "The drug war is an issue of concern to everyone who lives along the border as well as to all Texans. Speaker Straus' visit is an opportunity for our community to be heard."

"The recent killings of Americans, David Hartley on Falcon Lake, 18-year-old Univesity of Texas at Brownsville student, Jonathon William Torres, and Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, a Mexican homicide investigator for the Procuraduria de Tamaulipas, have made this point all too clear."

Rep. Peña's office is also coordinating with the RGV Partnership in order for the discussion to occur in the midst of the Partnership's biennial legislative tour. The timing of the meeting was decided in order to maximize participation of fellow lawmakers from across the state who will be in town for the tour.

"We are absolutely excited and honored to have the Speaker of the House Joe Straus join us on the 2011 Legislative Tour of the Valley. We want the Speaker of the House to see how vibrant our region is and how the people of the Rio Grande Valley are committed to uniting together to improve the safety and quality of life in the communities we live in," said Linda McKenna, President and CEO of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Speaker Straus appointed Peña chair of the House Select Committee on Emergency Preparedness. The committee is tasked with assessing Texas' preparedness for disasters from criminal and natural threats. With the upsurge in violence in Northern Mexico, securing our border remains critical to helping keep Texans safe.

Early Voting Begins

Get out and vote!

Oct 16, 2010

Editorial: Mexican Border Violence Demands American Resolve

"There exists such a state of disquiet and general feeling of insecurity both to person and property along the whole line of the Rio Grande as to discourage, if not to forbid any growth, prosperity or material development." *

At first glance, you might think the above quote would be something that appeared on CNN earlier this week in response to the killing and beheading of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, one of the Mexican law enforcement investigators looking into the death of American tourist David Hartley. *

In fact, it was written in 1874 and is taken from the final report of a Joint Committee charged by the Texas legislature to "investigate Mexican border troubles."

As Chairman of the House Select Committee on Emergency Preparedness, I have instructed my staff to review all previous state legislative reports related to threats Texas faces of both a natural and criminal nature. The 1874 report is the earliest example of the Texas legislature using a special committee to address emergency preparedness issues.

The committee, after hearing from “gentlemen of extensive information and large experience," reported that "marauders," "bandits," and "raiders," - all of whom were "heavily armed and well mounted"- were profiteering on the backs of Texans along the border.

The report reminds us that today is not the first time Texas has faced a significant homeland security threat from trouble along our border with Mexico. Nevertheless, it should not be taken lightly. Though Texas has not seen the scale of violence afflicting Mexico, those of us who live along the border have seen it, have felt it and are touched by it.

The beheading of Villegas and the death of David Hartley represent a clear message from the drug cartels to all who believe in the rule of law and a greater future for our two countries; that they are the ultimate authority in the region and any attempt to hold them accountable will be answered with severe violence and barbarity.

I recently met David Hartley's widow, Tiffany on Falcon Lake as Mexican and American authorities continued the search for his body. We reflected on the transformation of our border and the corruptive effect that drugs and the cartels have had on the larger border community. In Mexico alone more than 29,000 people have died in drug killings since December 2006. The tragic story of the Hartley's has struck a chord of outrage in the community and nation that has been simmering for some time.

So what should our response be?

First, we can take a page out of our forefather's book. The 1874 report chided the federal governments of both Mexico and America for not properly addressing the problem of border violence, calling it a responsibility "sadly neglected…to the great wrong and injury of the people."

However the committee - unlike so many today - did not simply criticize. They "earnestly recommend(ed) that suitable provisions be made by the legislature for the protection, as far as possible, of the lives and property or out citizens on the Mexican border."

Likewise, our committee will recommend that despite the budget hole Texas finds itself in, lawmakers should boost rather than cut our commitment to giving our law enforcement agencies (specifically Department of Public Safety and Parks and Wildlife) the tools they need to keep Texans safe. It simply is not an area of the state budget we can diminish.

Finally, we should remember that it is 2010, not 1874. Some things are eerily similar, but a lot has changed too. Today's cartels predominantly profit from selling drugs to American citizens. They often perform their acts of barbarity using weapons bought and smuggled in from the United States.

We need to be candid about how our policies and actions contribute to the problems in Northern Mexico. Serious consideration will be given to legislation next session that will seek to establish southbound checkpoints in Texas that will stem the flow of illegal guns and blood money travelling south. A multifaceted response must also include rehabilitation programs and substance abuse treatment centers. Lastly we must acknowledge that those who purchase illegal drugs are contributing to the blood being spilt in this savage war.

This is how we begin to answer - with unwavering determination and resolve - the problem of drug related violence, taking back our communities and ridding our two countries of the cancer that now infects us.

State Rep. Aaron Peña

Oct 13, 2010

Today The Human Spirit Soars in Chile

The darkness in the world has had the stage for far too long. Today in Chile, we are reminded of the power of the light within us all as "Chile's miners pull a fractured world together".

Was David Hartley Killed By Mistake?

VP of Intelligence Fred Burton discusses exclusive STRATFOR intelligence about the role of Mexican drug cartels in the murder of an American at a border lake on Sep. 30 and a Mexican police officer investigating the killing.

STRATFOR sources say slain American tourist David Hartley and his wife may have been mistaken for Gulf Cartel surveillance operatives.

STRATFOR uses human intelligence and other sources combined with analysis based on geopolitics to produce penetrating explanations of world events. This organization provides insights into political, economic, and military developments.

Falcon Lake News Report

Oct 12, 2010

Mexican Investigator in Falcon Lake Case is Beheaded

Unwavering determination and resolve, that must be our nation's mindset as we confront one of our continent's greatest challenges of the foreseeable future.

Such was my reaction to the killing and beheading of one of the Mexican law enforcement investigators looking into the death of David Hartley. The implied threat, to all who believe in the rule of law and a greater future for our two countries, was that the cartel members are the ultimate authority in the region and any attempt to hold them accountable will be answered with severe violence and barbarity.

That barbarism was extended to David and Tiffany Hartley, a couple from McAllen, Texas, who rode their jet skis into Mexico to take a look at a famous church in Old Guerrero. On their way back, six Mexican pirates in two boats approached the couple. David Hartley, was shot in the back of the head as the two sped off.

On a recent boat trip with Tiffany Hartley on Falcon Lake I reflected on the transformation of our border and the corruptive effect that drugs and the cartels have had on our larger community. In Mexico alone more than 29,000 people have died in drug killings since December of 2006.

Although the United States has suffered the indirect effects of the cartel's and the drug trade, it was only recently that high profile "spillover violence", like that committed in recent days on the border, has grabbed the attention of the nation.

A 29 and 30 year old couple on a pleasure outing to a famous local tourist attraction, in the prime of their lives and marriage confronted by the brutality and evil of the drug trade has struck a cord of outrage in the community and nation that has been simmering for sometime.

Now the beheading of a Mexican law enforcement officer killed in the service of the common good, is more than most can take.

Our answer, unwavering determination and resolve, to take back our communities and rid our countries of the cancer that now infects both. This can be done. It will be one of the greatest challenges of our generation.

Let us resolve, to carry the memory of David Michael Hartley and Mexican investigator, Rolando Armando Flores Villegas and "embrace our pain and burn it as fuel" for the struggle that lays before us.

Early Voting Begins Soon

Six days and counting till early voting begins.

Oct 10, 2010

"Tweet It" Spoof

10/10/10 - A Day To Say I Do

Numerologist, betrothed couples and centenarians with birthdays agree - today isn't your average day. And so it is in my family, as today my niece, Andrea Pena, my brother Eric's daughter, gets married. She's decided to have a beach wedding, so it's off to South Padre Island for the joyous occasion.

Life goes on here in the borderlands of South Texas. From the recent tragedies near Brownsville to that which occurred on Falcon Lake, life marches on. It is always time for some life affirming events. My best to the bride and groom.

Oct 6, 2010

Falcon Lake Revisited -Photos

Tiffany Hartley lays a single yellow rose near the site where her husband, David Hartley, was shot last week, on Falcon Lake, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010 in Zapata, Texas.

Texas State Representatives Ryan Guillen and Dan Flynn are shown beside her. I joined approximately twenty Parks & Wildlife Officers on six boats and two helicopters as we retraced the path (American side) that Tiffany and David Hartley took that unfortunate day.

Oct 5, 2010

The Today Show - Falcon Lake Killing

My Recent Letter to Mexico

Letter to Consul Martinez Martinez

Firemen’s Park Groundbreaking

The City of McAllen and the City of McAllen Parks and Recreation Department hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Firemen’s Park renovation project, at 201 N. 1st, on Tuesday October 5.

Firemen’s Park was founded by the McAllen Volunteer Fire Department on May 15, 1953. In 2009, Texas Parks and Wildlife awarded a $1.6 million grant to improve the historic park. The project will provide the first fishing and camping venue in McAllen with the addition of 10.8 acres of neighborhood park lands and a four acre pond.

“Thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife grant, Firemen’s Park will become one of South Texas’ premier family parks where McAllen families will be able to enjoy fishing and camping inside our city limits,” said McAllen Mayor Richard F. Cortez.

The project also includes renovations to the rental pavilion, sand volleyball court, playscape, kitchen area, parking area and restrooms.

“The development of Firemen’s Park will bring a unique experience to the citizens of McAllen. The park will have a lake for canoeing, kayaking and fishing,” said City of McAllen Parks and Recreation Director Sally Gavlik. “In addition, there will be an area that can accommodate overnight camping for such groups as Boy Scouts. Firemen’s Park brings the outdoors to an urban community.”

The Firemen’s Park renovation project is expected to be completed by late summer or early fall of 2011.

One of the objectives of the project seeks to renovate and expand Firemen’s Park into a neighborhood park to serve a larger sector of the population. The park is currently a 3-acre “special use” facility, open by reservation only. Although the facility is rented 150 times a year, it does not serve many of the growing neighborhood recreational needs in McAllen.

The second part of the project will dedicate 6.4 acres of publicly-owned non-park land that was previously used as a water treatment plant reservoir for park use. The 6.4 acre of non-park land dedication involves the adaptive re-use of a dry water reservoir at the decommissioned Water Plant into a water-based recreational facility. This will be the first fishing and water-based (non-swimming pool) recreational facility in the City. It will be open for public water-oriented activities such as fishing, boating (canoes, kayaks and small sailboats), walking, birding and nature observation.

The reservoir will be deepened for better fish habitat, the east bank will be moved further to the east to enlarge the physical size of the pond and trails will be added to link the facility to the 2nd Street Hike and Bike Trail. New restrooms, fishing piers, a fishing bridge, and shaded picnic facilities will be built. An automatic irrigation system will use water from the reservoir to irrigate the park.

Plant species, including grasses native to the Lower Rio Grande Valley that attract birds and butterflies, will be used in this project. Species that are on the state’s Controlled Plant list will NOT be used.

The third segment of the project includes the purchase of 2.46 acres of new park land never before used for public recreation and dedicates it for park purposes. This tract of land adjacent to the park, formerly used by Right Away Foods (Military Meals-ready-to-eat) will be purchased and incorporated into the park.

The fourth segment of this project includes the southern portion of the property surrounding the water filter building and part of the building itself. Fencing, site work, pathways, driveways, parking and landscaping will make up the majority of the work. The one above-ground water storage tank will be renovated for adaptive reuse into a multi-purpose facility.

Work on the water filter building will be limited to securing the doors and windows and the adaptive reuse of the “head-house” and surrounding area on the north side into a restroom/concession building and patio to support the canoeing and fishing activities. Utilities, including water and sewer will be included in this segment of the project.

The proposed project site is located in the central eastern part of the City at the north-east corner of 2nd Street (Col. Nikki Rowe Boulevard) and Business Highway 83. The property is located adjacent to a major irrigation canal owned by Irrigation District #2 that provides water for the City of Edinburg and farm irrigation use. The water plant was constructed in 1927. The City of McAllen acquired the plant from Central Power and Light Co. (now AEP) in 1945. The water plant was decommissioned in 1997 after McAllen’s 3rd plant was commissioned on the west side of McAllen in 2006, eliminating the need for the old plant to be used in the future. The reservoir was drained, where it remains unused to this day. Water from the Rio Grande flows on a daily basis through the canal, which is adjacent to the reservoir. The new fishing pond will be fed from this water source, allowing flow-through of fresh water.

The proposed project will also provide critical habitat for migratory birds and water fowl which will support the World Birding Center project. Through the 1990’s, the population growth was projected to increase rapidly along the lower Texas Gulf Coast with the greatest increase in Hidalgo and Cameron counties (Culliton et al. 1990, U.S. Census Bureau 2002). Additionally, by 1988, close to 95% of the native Tamaulipan thorn scrub habitat had been destroyed due to rapid urbanization and agricultural development. With suitable habitat extensively fragmented, the remaining parcels of coastal forest and grassland ecosystems are critical stopover habitats for many circum- and trans-gulf migratory birds in the spring and autumn (Barrow et al. 2005, Gauthreaux 1999, Vickery et al. 2000, Forsyth and James 1971, Langschied 1994, Tunnell and Judd 2002, Jahrsdoerfer and Leslie 1988).

It's a good thing we are creating more park space because our community lacks park space. A recent Monitor article looked into that.


Here is a brief history of Fireman's Park by Donna Berny:

The McAllen Firemen’s Park was founded by the McAllen Volunteer Fire Department on May 15, 1953. It was constructed by members of the department under the direction and supervision of Chief Alfred S. Meyers. Meyers served as chief from 1937 to 1964 and became McAllen’s first paid, full-time fire chief in 1944 when the department became classified as full-time.

After its construction, the park was maintained by the fire department until it was turned over to the city in 1969. It is currently managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. The park remains a popular site for events from birthday parties to wedding receptions. It features a pavilion that holds 150 people, a sand volleyball court, a playscape, an enclosed barbeque house, and restrooms. Rentals for the park exceed 200 each year.

At the front entrance of the park stands a red fire bell and plaque bearing the names of those who helped make the park what it is today. It serves as a reminder to the thousands of guests who visit the park each year of the reason behind its creation.

Revisiting Parks and Wildlife and the Tragedy at Falcon Lake

Traveling out to Falcon Lake this morning to try to get to the bottom of the tragic killing of David Hartly. I will be traveling with a contingent of legislators and Parks and Wildlife officers to attempt to muster information that could possibly assist the family and our state from these difficult circumstances.

Oct 4, 2010

Fight to Keep our University Polling Location


After a number of complaints and requests for assistance to my office and that of the Texas Secretary of State, on October 1, I issued this complaint to Hidalgo County Judge Rene Ramirez and Yvonne Ramon in protest.

It appears that once again, this administration is in violation of the Voting Rights Act and the Texas Open Meetings Act and their rather rash and quite move to close down the voting location will not stand. I expect that they will quickly reverse course or the courts will force the change.

The letter along with a number of complaints have been issued to the Secretary of State.

UPDATE: In an apparent panic the Hidalgo County Judge Rene Ramirez has apparently conceded their error and has taken the removal of the UTPA polling location off their agenda.

Reportedly, they will handle the matter, off the books, out of regular procedure, by administratively removing full voting privileges that the UTPA students once enjoyed. Once again, the "Rule of Law" does not seem to apply under this administration.

A pyrrhic victory is a victory with devastating cost to the victor. Did Hidalgo County conceded their error and give UTPA students a victory?

Oct 3, 2010


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

~ "Invictus" is a short Victorian poem by the English poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

The Controversial New Film "El Infierno"

"El Infierno" (Hell), has been criticized as showing Mexico in a bad light, but the film is provocative and funny. The Los Angeles Times reviews the controversy.

Oct 2, 2010

Monday is Your Last Day to Register To Vote

It's 30 days until Election Day; 15 days until the first day of early voting. Monday is your last day to register.

University of Texas-Pan American students, this is your chance to speak up! The current Hidalgo County administration may not think your on campus, high performing voting site is of value but your vote can tell them otherwise.

Register to vote and participate in the process. Although it's been hard to get a straight answer out of this administration, it appears as though the Hidalgo County Commissioners' Court will have a chance to ratify or reject Judge Rene Ramirez and his administration's decision to close down your long standing polling location.

Get involved in the process and tell this administration how you feel. Start by registering to vote, it is in the end the only way you can hold your politicians accountable.

Oct 1, 2010

American Killed While Jet skiing on Falcon Lake by Drug Pirates

David Michael Hartley, 30, was shot in the head and killed by Mexican drug pirates while he and his wife, Tiffany Hartley, 29 where jet skiing in Falcon lake which is located here in the Valley and continues over into Mexico.

Our prayers and condolences are extended to his wife and family members for the horrific tragedy that has befallen them.

More on this event

UPDATE: Bringing handful of Texas legislators to join up with Rep. Ryan Guillen at Falcon Lake to get report from Col. Pete Flores of TX Parks & Wildlife on the killing of the United States citizen by Mexican pirates connected to the drug cartels. Will update as information comes in.