May 4, 2014

South Texas Corruption: We Must Remain Vigilant

Unless we remain vigilant, one chapter ends and another begins. Our political selection process still suffers from a strong influence from the Boss Era of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Candidates successfully emerging from such a system are predisposed and heavily influenced to tolerate or engage in the ills that mar our region's history. Voter engagement is key to wrestling away control of candidate selection that now remains in the hands of a small group of self-interested strongmen. The competition of ideas rather than that of personalities or clans is an essential element to a healthy political system. Of critical importance is that of enforcement of the rule of law. Prosecutors, law enforcement and ultimately we the people are essential to maintaining the standards that we all wish to be governed by. By my observation, recent history has shown too many vacillating between denial and disinterest. The recent judicial accounting of the Panama Unit is a victory for those of us interested in a positive change. I suspect this accounting will be but one with more to come. So be it.

THE MONITOR'S EDITORIAL: Panama Unit jailed -- ends dirty chapter in Hidalgo County history.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS covers the resent growth in corruption cases in South Texas.

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Jess | Fallow Deer Hunting said...

Corruption is a big problem in many countries and it only leaves citizens on the losing end. I agree that we need to be vigilant in order to prevent this problem. Not doing our part is like sending this country to the hands of criminals.